Let me present myself:   



I work in the field of informatics. I have extensive experience in programming and analysis, in teaching informatics to adults, and in all the phases of Information Systems' lyfecyle.


After having completed my studies at the University of Athens’ Department of Informatics (Master in the field High Performance Algorithms 1999), I worked for the accounting department of a hospital, in National Center of Documentation and as tutor of Informatics in Education of the public sector. I have also collaborated with Infoquest /Decision S.A.(UniSΥSTEMS).


I furthermore participated in the implementation of a program for libraries ABEKT. I coauthored a scientific paper on building hypermedia for training applications (“Hilde”), and I participated in promoting the Livelink product of the Opentext SDK series (company Dacision S.A.) .


Having joined the Hellenic Union Of Informaticians(Computer Scientists) in 2011, I served as the head of its Athens Department during 2013-2014. In 2018-2019 I cooperated with EDEM in the frame of the project EUMentorSTEM of Erasmus plus. Colaborated with the Municipality of nea Filadelfia-nea Halkidona in 2017, in its department of Informatics.


The seminars that I have attended include SaferInternet and Women in ICT and politics. I have also done work on a volunteer basis, primarily translations, and participated in programs for ecology and for cultural exchange (i.e. GaiaAthens).




I am fond of languages, and I acquired the Lower certificate of Cambridge English, earning an A grade. For French, I attained the Superieur III diploma. I also speak a little Italian, am learning some Arabian, Spanish, and Russian.

I'm interested in politics, having participated in the program "Eleni Skoura" of the Center for Gender Equality Issues, served as a volunteer in the Committee of Consultation of the Region of Attica, and also collaborated with the European Council in the frame of 2 actions : 'thistimeimvoting.eu' and 'together.eu'.